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Good fortune needs great planning

In the complex and sometimes conflicted world of finance, Yield Financial Planning stands out as a beacon of light. We blend expertise in Wealth creation, Retirement planning, Risk management, and Business planning and apply it to how you want to live your life.

The reason that we exist is to help you turn your financial goals into reality by formulating a financial roadmap for achieving them.  Once in place, it is not a set and forget strategy.  We will help you manage change and where possible take advantage of it.  We love all things financial and no matter what your financial literacy, we will help to educate and empower you to make the most of your financial position.

The most essential ingredient to how we succeed with this, is how well we get to know you and we take this very seriously.

If you are searching for highly personalised financial advice to grow your wealth sustainably, feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion with one of our financial advisors.

Why leave your future to chance?  Let us help you plan it.        

We want to get to know you

At Yield, we look forward to getting to know you. Our clients range in age and every client has a unique set of financial goals, be it wealth creation, risk management or retirement planning.

Below is a summary of some common themes we see amongst our clients at the various stages of life.



Are you looking for ways to make your money work harder for you? We’ll develop an investment plan to reach your goals. Fundamental to this, is that we help you manage risk. We have access to most investment options available in the market place and have vetted these via external research and our own. For clients with a direct property preference we have a unique approach to incorporating property into our plans. We can also assist with investing in direct shares.  

Considering retirement

You are over half way through your working life and retirement is no longer an intangible concept. You will have accumulated some wealth, but it may not be focused well towards the ‘big’ end goal of retirement. No matter how well — or not — you have planned to date, we will help you develop a focused retirement plan. Superannuation should be of high consideration and we will favour strategies with guaranteed outcomes, such as tax savings where possible.  


It's time to put your savings towards funding a secure retirement. We will provide clear direction and peace of mind that you are making your life savings work effectively for you. We will do this by helping you structure your affairs to achieve a low tax outcome; receive Centrelink benefits where possible; manage risk to ensure longevity of your funds; invest to create capital growth on assets not needed n the short term; and achieve a low estate tax outcome for your family.  

Business owner

We understand the unique needs of a business owner, like irregular cashflow or the risks associated with being sued and we can help you structure your investment strategy to manage risk. We will apply our understanding of small business tax exemptions to help improve after tax business value and will work with you and/or your other advisers, to help connect your business with your personal financial plan. We offer specialist business insurance advice, including key man and buy / sell advice.