Q&A: Considerations When Investing

I have $15,000 to invest. What would u suggest?
Answer from James McFall of Yield Financial Planning:
This is a very open ended question and really depends.
The questions I would need answered before I could give you a considered response include:
1. What other assets and liabilities do you have? As I need to understand how much or little this investment represents to your overall position.
2. What are your personal financial goals and objectives? As any investment should be working towards achieving the goals and objectives you prioritise as most important.
3. What is your investment time frame? As this will influence what level of risk is appropriate.
4. What is your investment risk profile? As you don’t want to be kept up at night worrying because you are not comfortable with the investment volatility, nor do you want to be disappointed with substandard returns because you are invested too conservatively.
5. What are your investment preferences? As we will always consider these first.
With the above in mind, I would suggest you pursue the service of a financial planner for a discussion. 



The content of this presentation is intended to be general information only and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Each person should consider its appropriateness having regard to these matters or obtain relevant professional financial advice before making any financial decisions.  Examples are illustrative only. Each person should obtain any relevant professional financial, taxation and social security advice before making any financial decisions.