Leaving Superannuation & Insurance Proceeds to Your Kids

…that your adult kids might have to pay a lot of tax if you leave them your superannuation & insurance proceeds?

This can be a particular issue where you:

  • Are splitting your assets amongst your children – for instance you leave the house to one child, and your super to another; and/or
  • You have some children that are dependents and some that are not!

All lump sum death benefits are tax free if paid to a dependant (for tax purposes). 

Lump sum death benefits paid to non-dependants (for tax purposes) are taxed at 15% plus the Medicare levy (for elements taxed in the superannuation fund) or taxed at 30% plus the Medicare levy (for elements untaxed in the fund such as insurance proceeds).

This could leave a large and potentially unintended after tax difference if it isn’t well planned for. 

What is a dependant for tax purposes exactly?

  • Your legal or de facto partner or other person with whom you are living together on a genuine domestic basis as a couple (including same-sex couples)
  • A child under 18 years (including adopted child, stepchild, ex-nuptial child or child of a member's partner)
  • Any person financially dependent  on you at the date of your death 
  • A person with whom you have an interdependency relationship. 

What is an interdependency relationship? 

It is where two people (whether or not related by family): 

  • Live together 
  • Have a close personal relationship
  • One or each of them provides the other with financial support, and
  • One or each of them provides the other with domestic support and personal care.

An interdependency relationship can also exist where there is a close personal relationship between two people who do not satisfy all other criteria for interdependency because either or both of them suffer from a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability.

If you want to evaluate your intentions for your superannuation and/or life insurance proceeds, Yield can help.


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