Is your insurance working for you?

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Recently a client of ours, Anand, came to us seeking an opinion on his existing insurance cover.

We detailed his cover to him and explained the strengths and weaknesses of it and to Anand’s surprise there were many variables we identified that were not in his favour.

A lot of people think that they are well protected because they have insurance through their super but not many people stop and think to understand whether their cover is sufficient, or let alone know how much they have! Anand’s cover was just this, default cover that was automatically offered to him by being a member of his superannuation fund which he wasn’t clear on.

We educated Anand on his existing cover and then took the time to understand what Anand values and importantly what he would want to happen to his family if he were pass away or become totally disabled.

Anand also had income protection cover. However, rather than having 75% of his salary insured (generally the maximum one can insure) he only had 50% of his salary insured. Further to this we identified many other weaknesses in his policy that required attention.

Once considering Anand’s situation thoroughly we calculated and presented options for insurance that were necessary for his needs.

Ultimately Anand was able to:

  • Obtain a level premium contract. The cost saving by doing this was calculated to be over $140,000 between his current age and age 65. These types of contracts are rarely offered by superannuation funds.
  • Obtain appropriate life and TPD insurance through an external insurer, while still being able to continue paying for his insurance with money from his superannuation.
  • Obtain an income protection policy that was in line with 75% of his income.
  • Obtain an income protection policy on a much shorter waiting period and with a benefit period to age 65 (compared to his existing policy’s mere 2 year benefit period). This means that if Anand could not return to work due to injury or illness he could potentially be paid by the insurer up until age 65, which is for 35 years based on his current age.
  • Obtain income protection on a contract where Anand was guaranteed to be paid a benefit in line with cover he applied for and also where in the event of a claim, his benefit amount paid would increase in line with inflation each year. These features aren’t options generally available through super funds, including his existing super fund. Imagine trying to claim on your income protection policy to be told that because of the way it is set up you are not going to be paid!

Anand felt as though he was very well looked after throughout the whole process and really admired the extra length we went in explaining how insurance works and the options that he could explore. You can read Anand’s testimonial here:

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