The Benefits of Hiring a Financial Planner, Even if You’re not Rich

It’s fair to say that, a large majority of people in Australia wouldn't dream of hiring a financial planner, for one simple reason … they don’t think they’re rich enough.

Well, this article here is to help explain the opposite. Here are some common concerns you might hear being voiced:

“Surely financial planners are only for people who already have money?”

“I will end up spending more on the planner than what they would earn me!”

“I need to reduce my debt, before I can warrant a planner.”

Though it is easy to see where people are coming from with these concerns, it is certainly not fair to say they are right. Simply put, hiring a financial planner can be extremely beneficial to people living in all kinds of financial situations. And yes, that includes those who aren't particularly wealthy.

But you shouldn't be expected to believe this sentiment without any solid reasoning. As such, below you can find 5 solid benefits of hiring a financial planner, even if you’re not wealthy. You never know, these points might just change your whole perspective on money …

1. They Can Show You the Path to Wealth

The biggest obstacle in the way of you achieving higher levels of wealth has nothing to do with not having money. Instead, it is all about not having enough financial intelligence.

For example, you wouldn't start baking an elaborate wedding cake if you didn't have a recipe and the skills necessary to make it. Well, it’s the same with building greater wealth.

You need to have the know-how and skills necessary to understand the journey to greater wealth if you ever wish to make it.

A financial planner can help you with exactly this as they can show you how others who have been in your situation have gone on to excel in their finances. Think of them as a sort of teacher for your financial education.

2. They Can Help you Get out of Debt

Not everyone wants to achieve high levels of wealth.

And that is completely fine. However, many people who are low on money also suffer from at least some degree of debt.

In some cases that debt can be minor, but annoying. And in other cases, that debt can be quite severe, and the path to getting out of that debt may seem never-ending.

Financial planners have expertise in helping to consolidate debt from a variety of sources, and to create a clear plan to help you minimise any further interest charges and pay off the debt entirely.

Of course, they will not be able to erase your debt overnight. But they will be able to help you by presenting unique solutions you might not yet have considered.

3. They can give you back time

One of the greatest benefits a financial planner can bring you is time.

Time is by far the most precious resource any of us have, and it is important you do not take it for granted. Financial planners can help alleviate greater quantities of time for you, via a variety of different avenues.

As discussed already, by helping you to create a plan for achieving greater financial independence, they can help you to retire earlier and spend more quality time with children and grandchildren.

They can also save you time here and now by alleviating your need to do all accounting and personal financing yourself, which could save many hours a week.

4. They can Help you Gain Support

Managing your finances can be a very lonely affair. And that’s because everyone around you is in the same situation and trying to do what’s best for them and their family.

Well, if you feel like this is you, and that you are often overwhelmed by finances and trying to plan for the future, then bringing in a financial planner could give you the one thing you need most. Support.

Look at a planner as a sort of neutral, third-party support party for your finances. It can be awkward and difficult to discuss your finances with friends or family, but things are different with a planner.

They have no pre-existing opinion of you and don't mix in your social circles. As such, you finally have someone completely neutral who is happy to help you and not judge your situation.

5. They can Help Reduce your Stress and Anxiety

Perhaps the most rewarding reason for working with a financial planner is the fantastic ability they have to help you reduce stress in your life.

It is fairly well known that money is one of the biggest causes of anxiety in this day and age. Failing to have your financial affairs in order can easily make you worried and concerned at all hours of the day, especially if things are pretty dire.

By taking a look at your finances and helping you create a set plan for reaching your financial goals, you will no doubt feel far happier and more at ease. Just by having a plan in place and knowing that someone is there in your corner to help you can massively reduce stress, allowing you to enjoy life more.

Rounding Off

It’s worthwhile noting that, though they are highly skilled and have years of experience, a financial planner is not necessarily able to provide an immediate resolution to your financial problems. Similarly, they cannot make you wealthy overnight.

However, what they can do is help to highlight the assets and benefits you already have, and then help you to leverage those and build better financial security over time. Be that by helping you to start investing small sums, or to build up a savings nest egg for your retirement.

Either way, the benefits they can bring really are wonderful. As such, it’s time to stop looking at financial planners as only worthwhile for the already very wealthy. Start believing in your own opportunity, hire a financial planner and find your own path today!