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In order to get the right insurance for your needs, there are four steps we follow:

  1. Cover in line with your needs — we will identify what you would like to happen if certain medical events were to occur, that could impact your ability to earn an income. Taking into consideration the assets you have currently, that could be used to self insure part of your risk, we will help you calculate a suitable amount of cover.
  2. Competitively priced policies — we review the market on price and identify the most cost effective policies. We have access to a market comparison software to assist with this and ensure we're taking a wide reaching search of the market options.
  3. Policies that have good contracts — we filter the cheapest prices against the quality contracts. The best policies for you will depend on your individual circumstances. Certain insurers are better for self employed people, for example, as they have more flexible 'return to work' definitions than others. Others we may favour for women for example, because the breast cancer definition is particularly good.
  4. Tax effective structuring — we see poor structuring of insurance regularly, which means a higher NET cost. Our advice is very conscious of structuring your cover to deliver the lowest net cost  possible.
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