Benefits & value of partnering with Yield Financial Planning

In October 2016 an independent survey was conducted to ask our clients why they work with Yield. This is what they told us.

1. We are serious about enabling our clients’ ambitions and goals. We don’t settle for satisfactory we have high standards because we know our clients do too. We recruit outstanding people for our business, and we continually challenge ourselves to be exceptional. Our attention to detail and plain English approach means all of our clients can understand the full detail of their Strategic Plan.

2. We are not afraid to challenge our clients. We earn our clients’ trust and respect by speaking to them openly and honestly.

3. Educating our clients is paramount. We want our clients to feel empowered and truly understand the decisions they make for their future and why we have created their specific financial plan for them.

4. We are available and approachable. Our clients feel confident to contact us anytime if they have questions or if something changes in their situation.

5. We are proactive. Our clients feel confident to live their lives knowing that YFP will contact them if something changes that affects their strategy.

6. Our financial advice is fee for service so our clients understand exactly what they are paying and what they are paying for.

7. We are not aligned to any financial institution or bank. All of our advice is given in the best interest of our client; no one else.

8. Clients have an enjoyable experience working with us; because of the way we communicate and do business. They appreciate our openness and honesty and leave feeling confident about their future.

9. Our clients enjoy peace of mind that their investments have been accurately identified and are being proactively managed on their behalf. 

Collated and prepared with permission by Rachel Staggs from SRS Coaching & Consulting

Our team have also quantified where they believe we create value


Yield Financial Planners will challenge your thinking and provide advice to support you in making well informed choices that are within your risk comfort. This is the value of quality consultative, values based advice.