Yield can help you create wealth

Investing your money can mean everything from paying down debt, to contributing to super and allocating funds towards a specific investment, like shares; cash or property.

The best investors will take into consideration their personal goals and objectives, then relate them to their own risk comfort and build their strategy with equal focus on making a dollar, as they do minimising the risk of losing a dollar.

This is what we can help you do too. Help you with wealth creation and wealth management.

We are in a very complex environment of low or even negative interest rates in some countries, meaning the options for investing defensively often carry more risk than they once did. Traditional growth investments like shares and property, look fully valued in many instances and for these reasons we believe the need to invest with a higher risk overlay is prudent. 

Planning your transition to retirement, should start as early as possible. Having a lump sum large enough to retire on is the largest financial goal we all share and the more we plan for it, the more likely it is we’ll achieve the retirement lifestyle we’re seeking.

The investment options we advise on include:



Purpose built for retirement and has extremely attractive tax advantages, with almost the same investment flexibility as investing personally



A great inclusion in a portfolio, but they are not for everyone. They are not a set and forget investment. Yield provide share investment advice.  



We have a proven history of helping our clients make more informed property choices and to achieve property investment success 


Companies and Trusts

Potential tax planning and risk mitigation are two main reasons for considering using them.  Both can be the stand out best way to invest.


ETF's, sma's & M-funds

Available now, but evolving rapidly. Provide a low cost solution that can give greater control and tax benefits. Can be great for SMSF.


Managed funds

There are 1000’s to choose from but not all of them are good. We assist with investment selection and consider several factors such as tax effectiveness



Lending your money to governments and companies generally. They offer a better than cash rate return and make up part of your defensive assets



Cash is an essential part of your investment strategy, as it offers risk free returns and is liquid. We will identify high earning, flexible options


Home loan and debt offset

Whatever interest rate you would otherwise pay, quantifies a rate of return, less any lost tax benefit you may otherwise receive

Structured products

Some are very good, but must be critically assessed. They could offer capital protection, which can be attractive