You are planning to purchase a property.
Now how do you incorporate the right loan structure and independent property advice into that decision?

Introducing Property Planning Australia

We recognise the importance of specialist loan structuring and property planning advice. This means that we have a separate brand to make it clearer that we can assist with a full range of financial and property investment services. Our teams work alongside each other to deliver a cohesive client experience across our combined services.

Our core focus for over a decade has been to help our clients to lead better lives by making the right loan structuring and property decision today, for your tomorrow, and throughout all stages of your life.

If you are disenchanted by the product driven sales that dominate the financial advice landscape and want an honest and educated assessment of your loan structuring and property plan, come join us for a confidential discussion.

Your property plan

We look at your individual circumstances to devise a plan that combines your current financial position with your future aspirations and lifestyle goals.

"Multi-award winning" loan structuring advice

Most people do not have their loans structured the most effective way to save on interest payments and tax, manage risk and assist in creating wealth? Sit down with us and find out how specialist loan structuring advice can improve your current financial circumstances. We will keep more dollars in your pockets and less in the banks.

  • 2012 Australian Mortgage Awards – Brokerage of the Year, Finalist
  • 2011 Mortgage Professional Australia – No 2 Independent Brokerage in Australia
  • 2011 The Adviser – Australia’s Top 20 Brokerages
  • 2010 The Adviser – Australia’s Top 20 Brokerages
  • 2009 Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) – Mortgage Broking Business of the Year, Finalist
  • 2008 MFAA – Mortgage Broking Business of the Year, Finalist
  • 2007 MFAA – Mortgage Broking Business of the Year, Finalist
  • 2007 Business Review Weekly (BRW) Fast Starter – Top Start Up Businesses in Australia

University endorsed property education course

Independent property advice

For over a decade we have teamed up with independent buyer’s advocates and property advisers to assist you in making better property purchasing decisions. We have formed a team of specialists who will give you the inside running on all your property investment, home buying selection and purchasing decisions.

Upgrading your home

Upgrading your home is literally a life changing decision, a decision most of us only make a few times in our lifetime and it involves a unique set of considerations. We will assist you with an initial discussion and discuss some of the big decisions including:

  • Should I sell or keep and rent out my current home?
  • What are the general implications from a tax, financing and cash flow perspective of holding versus selling my current home?
  • Is where I want to live today going to suit our family needs in 5 years?
  • What schools do we want to send our kids too?
  • Am I really clear on what my wife/husband wants in our next home, location and lifestyle?

Property investors

Chat with our experts who:

  • Don’t earn a fee from selling you a property
  • Understand how to structure your loans the right way
  • Can assist you with cash flow analysis
  • Can help you ensure you purchase within your affordability range.

Let us help you make independent property decisions. Discuss your needs with a company endorsed by property university lecturer and seasoned investor Peter ‘The Property Professor’ Koulizos.

First home buyers

So you want to purchase your first home, and I bet everyone is trying to give you well-meaning advice. Let’s see – there is: mum; dad; big sister; cousin; the butcher and the baker — the list goes on!

Come and get advice and education that isn’t influenced by your social circle. We encourage you to bring mum and dad along to make sure everyone is educated and happy with your first home — most importantly you!


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