Share Market's Strong Start to 2019 - but What's Next? ...Good News for Aussie Mortgage Holders

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your March edition of Step Ahead.

Have you noticed how well the share market has been doing this year?

It’s been an excellent start, but it is not a time to be complacent and in our feature article today we explore what is driving the market and how it could perform from here.

It will likely not have escaped you either that the fallout from the Banking Royal Commission continues to be felt and announcements from both politicians and the industry alike are seemingly being made every other day.

This month Westpac announced that they will cease providing financial planning advice, which is a back flip on their previous position and along with the withdrawal of other banks, means a significant number of Australians will be displaced and in need of alternative financial advice.

In other big news, the government has changed its mind on banning mortgage broking commissions. This is a win for Australians in our view, as mortgage brokers help promote healthy competition for mortgage holders, keeping lending rates lower and access to credit easier, which is essential for a healthy economy. There will however be change for the industry and our second article for you today explores the impact for consumers and mortgage brokers.

Another fallout is for direct insurance. I’m sure you can think of some insurers that you’ve seen advertised on day time television, but in a recent review from ASIC, they’ve found the practices of many of them wanting and not in the public’s best interest. Our third article explores this.

At Yield we are actively monitoring change and always trying to relate the risks and opportunities that exist back to our client's financial plan.

If you would like to discuss anything we’ve raised or your financial plan, feel free to contact us.

Have a great day!

From James and the team at Yield.

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