Yield Financial Planning was formerly Property Planning Australia Financial Planning. We rebranded to make it clear that we offer holistic Financial Planning advice, however our history reflects our Property expertise and many of our clients have a property preference. 

We are experts in property

A key point of difference from our competitors is the way we incorporate Property into our Financial Plans. 

We recognise that many people prefer investing in property and we embrace this. 

Our plans have evolved over time to help chart and navigate the property decision. Our plans demonstrate the cashflow and capital impacts of the property decision you are considering, as well as overlay advice mindful of what you tell us is important to you and what you are trying to achieve. 

We call this 'Scenario Analysis' and a Yield financial plan will map out the various scenarios you are considering on paper, to make more informed property decisions. 

We measure performance

We can help you understand how your existing property portfolio is really performing. We consider your own estimates of the value of your properties and compare these to the median of the suburbs they are in. This provides a guide on historical performance and can offer some direction on the future investment potential.

If you later become an ongoing client, we regularly review this data to keep property decisions on track and we relate this back to your personal objectives and your broader financial strategy.

Why wait?

From experience, we know that property decisions take thought and planning and often the first thought can be short sighted and ultimately the wrong decision. Poorly considering your property decisions could be one of the most costly mistakes you ever make.

Planning your property decisions first, using Yield’s unique and robust methodology, takes the emotion out of the equation and helps you make an informed property investment decision