Concentration Risk with Residential Property; An upbeat perspective on US Equities; Planning for retirement case study

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This month we’re pleased to give you the following selection of articles:

Buying residential property leads to unavoidable concentration risk: It’s primarily because of this fact, that making your property buying decisions well researched is essential to property investing success.

Why we’re confident in US Equities: A simple to follow video from fund manager Franklin Templeton.

Retirement advice, including Defined Benefit and Direct Property decisions: A client case study, that relates to people nearing retirement.

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Buying residential property leads to unavoidable concentration risk

Focused on the inevitable ‘concentration risk’ that comes with buying residential property, this article highlights that because of this risk, making your property buying decisions well researched is essential to property investing success.

Click here to read more about concentration risk

Why we're confident in US Equities

We are pleased to provide a simple to follow video from fund manager Franklin Templeton. It’s particularly good to hear a positive outlook for the US share market, when the year has started with so much volatility. It’s our view that volatility will remain a feature of markets in the foreseeable future and we are structuring our clients portfolio’s considerate of this, however what ultimately drives markets in the end is how the underlying economy performs. This video is focused on some fundamental considerations for how the US economy may perform and in turn how this could translate positively for share markets. 

Click here to watch the video

Retirement advice, including Defined Benefit and Direct Property decisions

This case study provides a summary of the process we took and the findings we made for clients of ours that were nearing retirement.

A key concern of all pre-retirees is whether they have sufficient funds to live the lifestyle they want in retirement. In this case, we completed several types of calculations, aiding our clients in choosing a defined benefit option, whether selling a property to reduce debt might be beneficial and how their position could look in retirement.


Click here to read the case study

Join us at our complimentary SMSF seminar in May

We would like to extend an invitation to our next seminar where we will be focusing on why a SMSF could be the stand out best solution and particularly in the current market climate. Registration is free and spaces are limited.

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The decision to seek qualified financial planning advice is a decision to secure a better future for you and your family. If you are looking to get more out of your finances, you need honest and educated advice that you can rely on to get you the best possible results without any hidden fees or charges. Our fee-for-service offering keeps you front and center and we work closely with you to make your goals your reality.

We incorporate investment expertise in Direct Shares, Direct Property and indirect investments like Managed Funds, with Retirement, Estate and Tax planning. We blend this knowledge with everything we learn about you and prepare financial plans that are highly personalised and meaningful, that create a foundation for the future. All our advice is overlaid with comprehensive risk management advice including insurance and we can work with you on this either in isolation or as part of your broader financial plan.

Choosing Yield to secure your future guarantees honest and proactive advice that puts your interests first, combined with a streamlined client experience that you can depend on.

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