Step Ahead - Age Pension; Savings tips; Super rule changes

Stay a Step Ahead!

Happy New Year!
It has been a great start for us here at Yield and we hope you are all rejuvenated and looking forward to the year ahead as we are.
To kick your year off positively, we’ve prepared a list of ‘7 simple tips for saving money in 2017’. A must read if you’ve overspent this Christmas.
In addition to this, some of you will remember us saying that Age Pension rules were changing and now it’s happened. As of January 1st 2017, changes were introduced that will have largely negative consequences for many Australian retirees that rely on it.

There are, however, strategies that those affected can consider to get some of their lost benefit back, and we’ve covered off on a list of these in our Age Pension article. If this story does not apply to you directly, you should do your family and friends a favour and share the insights we’ve outlined, as a reduction of Age Pension can have a serious impact on the quality and particularly sense of security in retirement.

Finally, with superannuation rules changing, we’ve outlined ‘how much you can contribute to super’. A question we are often asked and something that is valuable to know.
As always we welcome your questions or feedback and will look forward to seeing many of you throughout the year.

Have a wonderful day.

James and the team at Yield

Words of wisdom

Age Pension changes have arrived!

From 1st January, 10,000’s of retirees have been affected. Learn how you or a loved one can claw some back

About 76% of Australian retirees rely on the Age Pension at the moment and the rules have changed.

For the worse!

Due to the Government’s budget deficits and the wave of baby boomers about to retire (almost 5,000 per week) and the fact that our life expectancy is predicted to increase, it not really surprising, but the impact on retirees is going to be significant. 

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7 simple tips for saving money in 2017

One commonly broken resolution is our intention to be more financially savvy and save money, I mean, who doesn’t want that shiny new piece of tech or some smashed avo’ for brekkie?

The good thing about our desire to be money smart is that there are many ways we can improve on our money habits and structures we can put in place to help us along the way.

Here are 7 simple tips to be better with your money in 2017.

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FAQ - How much can I contribute to super?

We're regularly asked how much can be contributed to Super. Click here to read the answer and to also get an understanding of how the upcoming changes will impact your contribution limits.

Appreciation from our clients

We have been very impressed with the level of service from both James and Daniel. They have been wonderful during this emotional and busy time with planning for dad's next stage in life.

- Demi & Voula Papadoiliopoulos

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