Oil Price and Share Market Correlation; Is a Self Managed Super Fund Right for You?

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Autumn has arrived and with it some optimism is in the air. Property markets have started the year off with solid clearance numbers above 70% and share markets have been regaining some ground after a horrible start to the year.

I found an article written by 'The Guardian' in the UK, which highlights the correlation between oil prices and share markets and it provides some great insight into why a fall in oil prices can lead to lower share markets.

Some of you who follow us on social media may have already seen this, however for those who have not, take the time to have a read, as it gives some insight into the recent volatility in global share markets and also gives cause for optimism about the long term impact of lower prices. 

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In anticipation of our seminar in April, we’ve also written an article about Self Managed Super Fund's (SMSF). SMSF’s have become the preferred option of many for managing their retirement savings and we are starting to recommend them more often in the current investment climate. Registration for our upcoming SMSF seminar will be available shortly and we will notify you of this in the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy this month’s step ahead and we look forward to seeing those of you who have already registered for our upcoming March 23rd seminar “Investing in Direct shares and Fixed Interest and why now is a good time to consider this approach”. This event is almost at capacity, so please register your interest today, if you would like to attend.

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Is a Self Managed Super Fund the right option for you?

The following is a short article written by Yield Financial Planning Managing Director James McFall discussing some of the reasons why a Self Managed Super Fund might be an appropriate, or inappropriate, option for you.

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The Correlation Between Oil Prices and Share Markets

Stocks had their worst start to a year in history, partly because of a plunge in the price of oil, but few economists see a repeat of the 2008 crisis ahead.

This article, published by 'The Guardian' provides great insight into the correlation between oil prices and share markets.

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