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In this month's edition of Step Ahead we explore some of the key considerations with investing into Direct Shares. While owning shares directly is not for everyone, it can be a great addition to many investor portfolio's.

Our other topic this month is a client profile that centres on some key strategies we recommended to clients entering retirement. Our clients have given permission for this to be published which we’d like to acknowledge and say we appreciate.

Our intention is to continue to provide these live examples over time, to help give you a better insight into what we do for our clients and in turn, ways we may be able to help you.

Finally, we are pleased to provide a Bio for Ben Brockhurst, from Harting Private Wealth. Many of you already know Ben, however for those of you who don’t yet, Ben has been working with clients of Yield's managing director James McFall for more than 10 years, both in his capacity as a business owner and while working for global broking firms. We feel very fortunate to have someone of Ben’s calibre working alongside the Yield team.

From everyone at Yield, we hope you enjoy this month's edition of Step Ahead and if you are interested in discussing anything we have raised here, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Pre-Retirement - Planning for Centrelink and Re-Contribution Strategy

Moving into retirement can be a very difficult and uncertain time in peoples lives. After spending most of their lives working and producing an income, the transition from accumulation to drawdown can be a difficult step to take.

The following is a case study of clients we helped transition into retirement by providing clarity around how their financial position could look, along with analysing options on how they could structure their assets for their retirement. Ultimately, this lead to eligibility to the Centrelink Age Pension that they would otherwise not have been eligible for, and a reduction in estate taxes to any non dependent beneficiaries.

This is just one example of the many ways Yield Financial Planning can assist clients in their financial affairs.

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Benefits and risks of direct share investment

Incorporating direct share ownership into an investment portfolio is not a perfect science. It may be appropriate to start your investment journey with one or more direct shares or it may be something that is included when spreading assets out at retirement. For many people, it may never be appropriate.

This article takes a look at some of the benefits and risks associated to investing into shares directly. This list is by no means exhaustive, but captures some major considerations and as a subscriber to Step Ahead, you can expect that over time we will provide educational and topical information about share investing on an ongoing basis

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Career Biography
Ben Brockhurst

Ben began his career as an associate stock broker in 1997 at Merrill Lynch’s Perth office and became a fully qualified broker in 1999. He moved to Melbourne in 2001 with Merrill's focusing on international and domestic direct equity portfolios for clients. With the emphasis on international shares, he obtained the “Series 7” certificate from the U.S. National Assoc. of Securities Dealers, which is the U.S. formal certification/qualification to advise on both U.S. and international equities.

After working as a stockbroker in Melbourne for a decade, Ben finished his time at the big investment banks in late 2010, marking the end of a five year tenure with RBS Morgan’s. At this time he founded Harting Private Wealth and in this capacity, works with Yield and our clients.

While Ben holds almost every domestic industry stockbroking qualification available, he focuses his advice on longer-term portfolio strategies - as opposed to active trading strategies.

His clients typically make use of SMSF’s and are either retired or planning for retirement (generally, 60yrs+). As such, he has a significant focus on SMSF strategies - maximising franking and/or situational opportunities therein (i.e. off-market buybacks). He also maintains a range of institutional banking contacts availing access to both retail and non-retail corporate deal flow.

Ben Brockhurst and M.A. Brockhurst Pty Ltd trading as Harting Private Wealth are Authorised Representatives of Sentry Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL 286786.

Property Planning Australia Financial Planning has been rebranded

As announced by Property Planning Australia on Friday 01 May, we have rebranded Property Planning Australia Financial Planning to Yield Financial Planning. Yield Financial Planning and Property Planning Australia’s teams continue to work alongside each other to deliver a cohesive client experience across our combined services.

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