Step Ahead - September 2016
Step Ahead, the retirement income strategies issue

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This month we're taking a deep dive into retirement income strategies. With 5,000 Aussies retiring each week in 2016, how we and our loved ones get set to retire is more relevant than ever. This issue looks at the upcoming Age Pension changes set to affect the majority of retirees, how to gain income from your investments, and ownership of your last home before retirement.

Our seminar this month brings all of this into sharp focus as we examine strategies to maximise income during retirement years. If you are ramping up to retirement come and join us to get to know your options for planning a comfortable future. The seminar is on Wednesday 21 September in our Melbourne office. See below for details and to RSVP.

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James McFall and the team at Yield.

Age Pension changes to affect most retirees

Around 76% of retirees in Australia rely on Age Pension currently and the rules are about to change. For the worse!

With the Government running up budget deficits, a wave of baby boomers about to retire — at the rate of almost 5,000 per week — and the fact our life expectancy is predicted to get longer, this is hardly surprising. But the impact on retirees is going to be significant.   

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Investing for Yield 

Investing for Yield means you are seeking income from your investment strategy.

There are several reasons why this may be a great strategy, but fundamentally it always needs to tie back to your specific investment objectives. For example, it is typical for retirees to invest for yield given they need their investments to provide income to meet their living needs.

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Planning the ownership of your last home before retirement

Home ownership has been a much-debated topic recently through numerous media outlets.

Although the broader debate is about how hard it is for Gen Ys and Millennials to be able to buy their first home, I’d like to highlight the importance of owning your own home outright before entering into retirement. I was recently interviewed by The New Daily to provide some tips for pre-retirees and retirees to consider for the ownership of their last home.

In 2016, it is expected that 5,000 Australian Baby Boomers are retiring every week — i.e. 260,000 a year. This is a staggering number of Australians entering into retirement and statistics show 27% of current retirees experience difficulty with home ownership.

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Join us at our complimentary Retirement Income Strategies seminar on Wednesday 21 September

We would like to extend an invitation to our next seminar where we will be focusing on retirement income strategies. This presentation is focused on demonstrating concepts and strategies aimed at maximising income during retirement years. We will identify investment strategies that deliver security, as well as ways to achieve growth and relate these objectives to the retirement solutions available in the marketplace.

Registration is free but spaces are limited and there has been a strong take up to date. RSVP now so you don't miss out.   Read more and RSVP

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"James and his team have been fantastic in assisting me to prepare for retirement. He explains things in simple terms and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. In the past I have seen other financial advisors who work out a plan and send a statement in the mail. Not with James, he took a holistic approach to my finances and took the time to learn about my full financial situation, life goals and what is important to me. He has access to a broad range of experts who have put my interests first and assisted in coming up with a clear strategy to help me to reach my financial goals. I highly recommend James."

- Julie
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