22nd August 2019

I am happy with the service.

- Bernadette Lewis

17th August 2019

On our video chat I left with complete confidence & with the feeling of being cared for.

- Danny Ryan

18th July 2019

My wife and I have a long standing trusted relationship with Yield. In particular the communication we have with them allows us to feel confident that our SMSF is in safe hands.

- Greg Dorn

9th July 2019

Very helpful especially when you are about to or have retired.

- Karyn McKellar

26th June 2019

James and his team were extremely professional from the first meeting.
James listened to the concerns we had to provide a long term plan for our future. He took on board all that we told him and his plan for financial security looks strong and achievable. Both my wife and I feel comfortable with the advice Yield provided.

- Nick Kosmas

26th June 2019

Have always had great support and service from the entire team.

- Dr Naresh Jeganathan

25th June 2019

We've been with the Yield team for many years. James and the team have always been incredibly professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and always provided expert advice based on our own situation. Would highly recommend!

- Emma McFadyen

19th June 2019

The financial advice we have received over the years has proven to be very beneficial and has put us in a very good position to finance our needs, holidays etc. going forward in our old age.

- Kevin & Anne Kennelly

5th June 2019

YFP have helped us structure our investments as we approach retirement. They have developed a portfolio that has grown while securing capital and balancing our needs and concerns, even in these turbulent times. With their efforts we feel we can look forward to the future with confidence that we have done the best we can in the financial planning of our future.

- Adrian O’Connor

30th May 2019

A high level of expertise combined with a thorough understanding of our situation and our requirements. We are very pleased with the service provided by the Yield Financial Planning team.

- Robyn & Bob Wark

27th May 2019

I would recommend you guys to anyone else if the discussion of financial planning, income protection, trauma etc. came up.

- Manpreet Kaur

14th May 2019

James has given us (wife & me) advice in all areas related to us as self-funded retirees. He has advised re Australian & International investments and pro-actively moved our investments as those scenarios change to our advantage consistently. James has always been able to explain financial management in terms that we lay persons understand, can form a considered judgement of and make informed decisions from. I always know I can ask for advice &/or explanation and promptly received a thorough explanation with supportive facts. We sleep soundly based upon the professional guidance and investment advice provided by James historically & currently (and I am sure into the future!).

- Mike Slattery

13th May 2019

The Team at Yield are great. I am time poor and these guys take the stress out of worrying about my Super. They are easy to talk to and lay out advice in an easy way to understand.

- Jay McDonnell

6th May 2019

I have had the pleasure of dealing with James and the team at Yield Financial Planning for a number of years now and cannot recommend them more highly. They are professional and easy to relate to. They are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of financial advice so that they can best support their clients in reaching their objectives. Definitely worth giving these guys a call!

- Alyce Mattmann

3rd May 2019

Yield consistently demonstrate understanding of our personal financial needs and show expert knowledge and experience in financial planning and advice.

- Adrian Young

24th April 2019

James and the team consistently impress.

- Iain Moirano

24th April 2019

Always fantastic service and advice.

- Georgia Thomas

23rd April 2019

Friendly and responsive team who are always happy and willing to support their clients.

- Paul Baker

22nd April 2019

8/10 ain't bad!! I can't give any higher because first impressions were good but the proof is in the pudding, i.e. over time, then I hope to progress to 9 then 10 for my sake in particular.

- Greg Seers

15th April 2019

Well organised and well communicated, all questions answered clearly.

- Glenn Wilson

4th April 2019

James and his team have provided me with clear, detailed, accurate, professional financial advice for several years now. I would not trust my financial future to anyone else!

- Phil Molin

02nd April 2019

Super impressed by the service, particularly from afar. This is not something I have experienced anywhere else in this industry. Have full trust my funds are being managed with the right intentions and goals in mind. I don’t feel I am being treated any different to the next person, because of the amount of funds I have.

- Vicki Eastham

29th March 2019

My wife and I have experienced excellent service since being involved with Yield. We get prompt replies to any queries and have confidence in their financial advice.

- Ian Fountain

28th March 2019

My wife and I have been clients of Yield for 10 years now and couldn't be happier with the advice and service James and the team have provided.

- Laik Tan

02nd March 2019

Really listen and respond appropriately. Sound technical advice. Professional.

- Marion Schuddinh

24th February 2019

James and the team have been providing advice and encouragement on how to reach our retirement goals for the past couple of years which has been easy to understand and implement. They keep us up to date with any changes and are always there to help you with any questions.

- Sharon & Andrew Cocks

6th February 2019

Friendly environment, knowledgeable staff, thorough investigation into client's needs/wants, listen and explain...

- Jag Dha

9th January 2019

Helpful and willing to answer questions and explain in detail when needed.

- Heather Tan

01st December 2018

Yield explained clearly and worked with me to set up a good insurance approach for me.

- Otslie Kesianye

15th September 2018

I'm happy with the service and have already referred several friends. I don't know how many have followed through - I didn't think it's my place to ask them.

- Enza Gandolfo

12th September 2018

My wife and I trust them them to understand and manage our SMSF.

- Greg & Monica Dorn

8th August 2018

Very good planning and advice. Yield wastes no time in implementing their planning and have enjoyed the information meetings during the last 12 years or so.

- Kevin & Anne Kennelly

25th July 2018

James and his team are very professional and thorough in their planning ,presentation, implementation and continuation of advice relating to individual recommendations.

- Phil Molin

15th July 2018

I feel comfortable with the advice given which has suited my circumstances, particularly salary sacrificing prior to my retirement which really boosted the amount. 
Discussions are informative, frank and respectful- I feel I am important as a person and have some control over my life. 
Most importantly, my portfolio seems to be holding up reasonably well and is not too complicated.

Thanks James & Daniel

- Margaret Hose

18th June 2018

With limited time in our short association, I am able to share that I get a good impression of the manner in which James operates, his professionalism & style. Very clearly conveys his thoughts, intentions and strategies. 
Most importantly James has demonstrated a very clear understanding of how to tackle the challenges of preparing for retirement & clearly demonstrates how this can be achieved. This is very clearly explained enabling the client to feel confident & reassured that if the plan is executed, a good retired can be achieved.

- Mick Schuddinh

15th June 2018

My husband and I have been very impressed with the financial advice and high level of service that James and his team have provided to us. James has really understood our financial needs and provided excellent advice that was really tailored to our circumstances. James also referred us to a mortgage broker that we could trust, and who was able to obtain an interest rate for our property loans that was far better than what we could have negotiated with the Banks directly. We have also referred a number of friends to Yield Financial Planning who have been equally impressed with the service that James and his team have provided

- Ray & Yvette Boulos

07th June 2018

"Excellent Financial Advice from a Trustworthy Team. As a finance professional I understand I need a team with specialist skills to help plan & look after my retirement nest egg. I have used the services of the Yield team for a number of years and have found them to be very knowledgeable, clear and concise in their advice. But most importantly, they are honest. I trust them enough to have recommended their services to a number of friends and family and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

- Sandra Gandolfo

28th May 2018

"Cos you guys rock! 
Seriously tho - professional, client-focused and the best at doing what you do..."

- Ben & Tina Brockhurst

12th May 2018

"Because of professional advice that takes into account our joint circumstances and needs vs the financial marketplace."

- Mike & Sue Slattery

15th February 2017

"Thanks to both James and Daniel for the time you spent advising and explaining how our investments should be handled. Thank you also for your enquiries re my fathers estate matters. You both made us feel very much that you are looking after our best interests. We are very grateful for your efforts."

- Adrian & Pauline O'Connor

30th January 2017

"We know a few things about investing and retirement planning but Yield was able to put into context our goals and provide a strategy and plan for what is reasonably achievable.  Discussions are frank and on-going and the Yield team listen and allow us to made considered decisions"

- Tony Flynn & Jo Caine

24th November 2016

"We have been very impressed with the level of service from both James and Daniel.  They have been wonderful during this emotional and busy time with planning for dads next stage in life."

- Demi & Voula Papadoiliopoulos

08th July 2016

"I had an income protection that came with my superannuation and no idea what that product is for and was paying lot of money to keep my insurance active. The policy I had was not very beneficial to me and I wasn't really care about my cover, as it was paid from my super fund which in my mind set that it is not my money coming to my bank account. One day I had a chance to speak with Yield Financial planning team and particularly Prashant and discussed about my income protection insurance. He sent me a report with information on my income situation and a distinguished table  of my old income protection, and Yield financial planning recommended income protection based on my situation. Even though the price they suggest is slightly expensive compared to the one I had, the amount of benefits I get from the new product is enormous and valuable which also makes more sense considering my financial situation.

Unlike most companies which send 40  to 50 page reports which nobody understand and put effort to ready, Yield Financial planning reports were very clear, not technical and easy to understand which is one of the reasons for me to go with them. Currently I'm planning to switch my home loan to a different lender and my partner's income protection to a different provider through YFP. I would highly recommend YFP to anyone who would like to get best product available in the market."

- Anand Subramanian

07th June 2016

"I have appreciated the time both James and Daniel gave to me, whilst discussing and reviewing my needs for creating my financial plan.  I was heard, regarded and respected and assisted all the way through the process.  They are both very responsive to my emails and questions and take the time to assist and support where they can.  Daniel has been lovely to deal with and is always patient and at the ready to help and support me.  I am very thankful to work with such a professional team and do not hesitate in recommending Yield Financial planning."

- Voula Papadoiliopoulos

07th June 2016

"We were so impressed with Prashant. He really does care about his clients. No questions are silly and he was great at explaining things in a way we could understand. We could tell it was important to him that we actually really understood our options and he kept us in the loop at every stage. The whole team at Yield were great too - always approachable, respectful and prompt."

- Tanja Davis

07th June 2016

"James and Karlo provided me with sensible and proactive advice which empowered me to make pragmatic decisions to protect my financial position. I will continue to rely on their counsel as my financial position changes and trust that they will guide me accordingly."

- Will Stidston

06th June 2016

"I found the process very smooth and easy. Loved that I could just get basic details of our super and Prashant consolidated it all for me. Also, staying back to 7pm on some nights just to discuss everything was greatly appreciated."

- Charlie

21st January 2016

"James is a pleasure to deal with. He takes the time to understand your needs and provides thorough, tailored advice. He is very patient, supportive and proactive in his thinking and these qualities extend to his wider team. I have no hesitation in recommending James - particularly for your insurance needs."

- Adam Rose

25th November 2015

“Yield Financial Planning have been assisting me with professional advice around my superannuation and insurances. In my dealings with Yield I have found their service to be of high standard and exceptional. The team has been supportive and James McFall has at all times been thorough with his ongoing advice and guidance to me. His team have been most helpful and in particular, Prashant who is providing me with advice around my superannuation and insurance. He has been very professional in his approach, very patient, reliable and consistently touching base with me for an update and progress to get things moving along for me. Being very time poor myself in my full-time role I find it to be very useful to have a proactive advisor and with a solid team in the back office to help drive things forward for me in background and updating me ongoing so I am also on top of it. 

Prashant has shown exceptional patience and professionalism. His approach provides simplicity so his advice is easy to understand and he is very detailed as well as focused on answering relevant questions and making sure I understand the options around his advice. He touched base regularly and was persistent in a good way, considering my thoughts around the options and helping me come closer to my decision, which I found to perfectly match my need. I love this spirit and wanted to pass on my positive experience and feedback. I highly recommend anyone to Yield Financial Planning as they provide holistic financial planning advice that can be of benefit to many. “

- Jenny Lam

23rd October 2015

"James is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and explained all the options suitable for our situation very clearly. I'd have no hesitation in recommending James and the team."

- Emma McFadyen

15th September 2015

"James and his team have been fantastic in assisting me to prepare for retirement. He explains things in simple terms and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. In the past I have seen other financial advisors who work out a plan and send a statement in mail. Not with James, he took a holistic approach to my finances and took the time to learn about my full financial situation, life goals and what is important to me. He has access to a broad range of experts who have put my interests first and assisted in coming up with a clear strategy to help me to reach my financial goals. I highly recommend James."

- Julie Manoel

04th September 2015

"I contacted James after my friend recommended him to and when I had meetings and phone conversations with him I found him very professional and very client-focused. I'm happy with the strategies he has developed for me and I've followed some of the strategies already and I'm planning to follow the rest of them. I highly recommend James to anyone especially in these days where non-client-focused financial planners are almost everywhere. "

- Jinhwang Kim

29th May 2015

"Consultative approach, happy to educate us, detailed plan, plenty of feedback and updates during the application process, trustworthy people."

- Paul & Nicole Baker

28th May 2015

"James and his team assisted me with personal insurance advice earlier this year  and I found their service very helpful and professional.

They provided attentive follow up to the initial plan and I feel their advice is well aligned to achieve set goals. I  would happily recommend their service."

- Dr Sarinda de Silva

17th February 2015

"I would like to congratulate Yield Financial Planning, for their high quality of care, expertise and knowledge they have provided in ensuring my future growth is heading in the right direction.  These qualities have reflected both in results and the ongoing follow up as an existing client, which I find reassuring. "

- Angela Henwood

27th January 2015

"A highly responsive and informed team who keep a keen eye on our investments and make us feel secure in our investment decisions."

- Rachael Dullahide & Bruce Hara

10th December 2014

"We have been very pleased with the advice and service we have received from Yield Financial Planning. It has been great to see you look at all investment options, including property and we have found the team very helpful.  It has also been great that our risk profile was so thoroughly considered when offering advice.

We've found your ongoing contact makes us feel like that our investment options are being constantly assessed to make sure we are optimising our potential and we would be happy to refer our family and friends for your services."

- Liz & Chris Howard

09th December 2014

"Q. Why a testimonial on James McFall?
A. Because he is a truly professional, focussed and dedicated Financial Planner.
James has advised Sue & myself as to how to invest (initially since our retirement in 2006), revise (including through the GFC!), upgrade for the future (as recently as a month ago) and trade-off (Growth vs Income) our finances to provide for our immediate and long term needs. That has been valued and we commend James McFall's services in this area of Financial Planning.
He has from the outset (well ahead of his time! and proven to be the professional way to proceed!)  only worked on fee-for-service (if any incidental commissions arose he has initiated their refund to us). His operational organisation has been small enough to be personalised yet large enough to be valuable with a mixture of experienced professionals and administration support.
His advice has enabled us to maintain the precarious balance between maintaining our standard of living (via Allocated Pensions), enjoying some annual extravagance (e.g. exotic travel), provide asset growth (for hopefully a long time ahead of us) and leaving some residual assets (without 'Spending The Kids Inheritance').
We are pleased to provide this reference provided from our own initiative. And would be willing to discuss this matter with any interested persons."
- Mike Slattery

06th December 2014

"James and his team have been proactive, prepared to listen and understand individual client needs. They are knowledgeable, and they put the client's needs first."

- Iain & Leonie Moirano

05th December 2014

"We are pleased to endorse Yield Financial Planning. Our dealings with Yield have provided well informed and suitable choices, based on our expectations and risk assessment.  We have been working with Yield for a number of years now and the process has always been evolving with our changing needs. We feel we have a focused approach to our goals."

- Dr Naresh & Mrs Naomi Jeganathan

04th December 2014

"I have found working with Yield Financial Planning a positive experience. Our face to face meetings and telephone discussions have been spent working through strategies and have always been useful. Replies to email queries have been prompt and we’ve always found the team professional and friendly. We’d happily recommend Yields services."

- Ken Dunlop & Joey Kwan

18th November 2014

“We have been working with Yield since 2008. As pre-retirees with a history of investing into property, we saw considerable synergies working with Yield as our Financial Planners. Yield assisted us to formulate a financial plan and has been pivotal in helping us to actively manage and evolve it since. We also use the services of Yield Equities for direct share exposure in our SMSF and we are very happy with how the team work together. Yield delivers cohesive advice that we can see is in our best interest. Now as we enter into retirement, we feel peace of mind that we have a well balanced strategy and are in good hands. We would happily recommend Yield’s services. “

- Greg & Monica Dorn 

17th November 2014

"Many thanks James for your honesty and help with getting us the best cover. You have all been extremely helpful."

- Alison Chapman

13th November 2014

"James McFall has been our financial advisor for over 6 years and in that time has provided consistently sound independent advice, aimed at us achieving our long term financial goals. This advice has given us peace of mind to make informed decisions about our financial future and to have the right insurance cover in place to minimise any downside risk.

James using his knowledge and experience of the markets has provided us with timely investment advice.

We would recommend James’ services to anyone looking for independent sound financial advice."

- Matt & Vanessa Plas

05th November 2014

"James McFall from Yield Financial Planning has advised us on financial affairs since 2011.  Over that time, he has acted with integrity and professionalism as he has steered us through a process of clarifying and refining our goals and prioritising our values. The outcome of this is well-informed, personalised advice.  We have especially valued his proactive approach to the management of our affairs and would happily recommend James and his team at Yield Financial Planning to prospective clients."

- Adrian & Pauline O'Connor

28th July 2014

"We’ve been really happy with the advice and service we’ve received from Yield Financial Planning. We have never been pushed into any products and they have challenged our thinking in a good way. They have always respected our views and also offered alternative options with sound analysis, rather than ever pushing just one solution.  The team work very well on ensuring we are on top of things and have conversations that suit our timing. We have no hesitation in referring their services."

- Katie Macintosh & Steve Liliopoulos

21st January 2014

“Yield Financial Planning has managed my Super for four years now. I have been extremely happy with their professionalism and their time and care put into getting me an excellent investment plan. My endless questions have been met with great patience and friendliness, and I am very content knowing that my investments are in good hands."

- Torhild M. O'Leary

09th December 2012

"Thankyou Mitchell for your advice, I have found you extremely effective and am very pleased. I have already made several referrals with great success and intend to continue with this, when I know someone in need of good quality financial planning advice. Thanks again"

- Jason Bradley