Partnering with Yield is an investment in your financial future

About our Fee for Service:

We have been fee for service since inception of the business in 2006. We could see that commissions linked to investments may lead to biased and self-interested advice and for this reason we decoupled our advice from the investment product. 

This decision has meant our focus is entirely on our client experience and the value we can provide.  


Your investment:


We are very confident that our advice represents exceptional value for money for the service and advice we provide and welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an initial consultation at no cost.

Obviously you will only want to pay for advice that you see clear value in. Once we have met and developed an understanding of you, we will be in a position to know what advice you will benefit from and in turn, the areas we believe we can help.

At this time we will help you understand clearly what we can assist with and what we charge for advice that is appropriate to you.


Our plans range in price depending on the complexity and reflect the time and expertise that goes into them. 

Our Fee for Service advice starts at $990 with the fee ultimately decided by the complexity of the advice required. Our fees include implementation and you will not have hidden or unexpected additional costs.

In the case of Insurance advice we are paid by the insurer, so there is no direct cost for this service. We are not aligned to any insurance companies and the amount you pay for an insurance policy that we recommend is exactly the same as what you would pay if you went directly to the recommended insurer yourself. In this way we can provide quality advice with no direct cost to you.